La Calice Cup: STG League

La Calice Cup is a month-long STG event where players form teams and compete for score. A Twitch community tournament developed and organized by DenT4F with a little snowcrash__ tech support.

Team Based

Players compete both individually - posting their own scores for each game in the tournament - and as a team. The final scoring is determined by the sum each team’s rankings across all of the tournament’s games.

Every score counts! Just posting a runs earns your team valuable points.

Four Teams

The innaugural tournament will see 32 participants form four teams, each led by one captain. Captains draft their teams from the 28 remaining players.

Twelve Games

After a round of voting amongst the participants, twelve STGs will be selected. These twelve games will form the basis of the tournament. Each of the games will be playable on MAME - to level the field and provide a tool with which to record playthroughs.

One Month

Players will have one month in which to post scores for each of the twelve tournament games, honing their skills and posting improved scores as the tournament progresses.

High Score

Scores submitted to the tournament website must be accompanied by a screenshot, or in the case of top ten, highly competitive scores a recording of the run. Players will also be able to update their scores, so it’s worth it to try one more run!

Grab as many points as possible: for your team!

This is a tournament that is as much about individual skill as it is about recognizing the contributions of players of every level.

Each new high score you post contributes to your team’s success! In the end, it comes down to how you rank together.