La Calice Cup: STG League

La Calice Cup is a weeks-long STG event where players form teams and compete for score. A Twitch community tournament organized by DenT4F with the technical support of snowcrash__.

Team Based

Each tournament begins with a draft. Players sign up for the tournament, and shortly before play begins captains draft their teams from these available players.

Which Games?

STG are selected as the result of a combination of curation, community voting, and blind luck. Each of the games will be playable on MAME - to level the field and provide a tool with which to record playthroughs.

High Score

Scores submitted to the tournament website must be accompanied by a screenshot or, in the case of highly competitive scores in the top 10 of submissions, a video recording of the run. Players are also able to update their scores over the course of the tournament, encouraging you to play just one more credit and push to improve.

Taking Home The Cup

Every score earns an amount of ranked points based on its leaderboard position.

Every team receives the sum of its ranked points. (Note: The bottom 25% of scores for each game do not count towards team totals.)

The team with the highest score at the end of the tournament wins!