Until I Have You

This game is beautiful, and packed with references to cyberpunk fiction such as Blade Runner.

Unfortunately my experience was shattered by a bug that caused the game to stutter in fits after every death. Not a problem if you’re Good At Video Games™️ but I’m not, and because the game includes a “second wind” mechanic that allows you to recover after some falls, on many levels I had to endure this at least twice.

I must not be the only one having trouble, since the developer was prompted to make a plea on the Steam discussions for the game to please raise issues to the attention of the developer instead of negatively reviewing the game and requesting a refund.

Judging by the activity there, some fixes have been posted in the time since my first experience with the game. I’ll take some responsibility; I haven’t raised my issue, and I didn’t work very hard to fix it myself. I found one review online pointing to the same problem that didn’t offer a solution and called it quits.

The look and atmosphere hooked me. This “get across the level as fast as you can” style platforming even piqued my interest, because I haven’t played a game like that before. But it’s hard to go fast when every time you fail, you have to watch the game choke for half a minute.

On the other hand this is a game from Wormwood Studios, the folks behind Primordia. If there was ever a developer who deserved a second chance and a bit of patience, it’s them. Don’t consider this review final by any means, as I’ll definitely be revisiting it in the future. Probably after I finish an upcoming full playthrough of Primordia. Only seems fitting 😉