snowcrash dot fun


Stunning displays of media literacy.


There’s a new content cop in town.

Mind Scanners

Where is my mind? Way out, in The Structure see it swimming.

The Solitaire Conspiracy

Boomers be like, “Yeah I play cyberpunk video games”. The cyberpunk video game: Bithell Games’ Solitaire Conspiracy.


This is like some kind of Ghost in the Shell Suicide Squad and I am here for it.

Project Eden

I chased after the Death Heads gang across something like five chapters; through a synthetic meat factory, power plant, and abandonded mall.

Shadow President

The team at D.C. True wanted to make an accurate presidency simulator and they did, complete with triggering a total global crisis by just saying the word “nuclear” to the Soviet Union.


I started this game up during my lunch break, came back that evening and finished it in one five hour sitting.

Until I Have You

This game is beautiful, and packed with references to cyberpunk fiction such as Blade Runner.