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I started this game up during my lunch break, came back that evening and finished it in one five hour sitting. So.. yeah.

Older reviews noted some technical issues. The only one that I ran up against happened when I first launched the game; no option to change the resolution. A limitation of the game engine, AGS. I was able to navigate the Steam thread and follow the advice in this post to get the game running at a sufficient size and quality. It’s PC gaming, sometimes you have to do a little work 🤷🏻‍♂️

I hate it when any game doesn’t have an options button IN the game. How freaking inept and lazy.


Take a long look at yourself in the mirror, Takwin.

I played this game for five hours straight, windowed mode, 1280x800 pixels on a 4K monitor. It is engrossing. I am struggling to describe what it is about this game that’s so engaging. All I can think to say is that it’s the whole thing; Victor’s art, Mark’s writing, Nate’s music, Logan and Abe’s acting. Nothing stands out, which is a good thing. It shows how well the pieces fit together to make one great game. Primordia has that good shit. It’s got cohesion 👌🏻

My experience with point-and-click adventure games is still, I think, limited. At least compared with true super fans of the genre. I’ve tried other games published by Wadjet Eye - Technobabylon, Resonance - as well as sci-fi adventures like Beneath a Steel Sky and 2064: Read Only Memories. My completely subjective measure for how well these games play is the amount of “bullshit” involved in solving problems. If you remember the coin puzzle from Silent Hill 2 then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Primordia has zero bullshit. What’s more, there are multiple solutions to most problems and choosing one route over another influences later parts of the story. There’s even more of the good stuff.. multiple endings 😫💦

On that note my only regret was not saving more often. Watch the VOD and you’ll see that I charge straight through the game and maybe save once, commenting right at the end that I’d messed up by not taking a save right before the story would diverge so I could see all the different endings 😭

Primordia is a good game 👍🏻

Would you like to know more? Read the dox, watch the vod, hit up the devs on Twitter, buy the game.