Community Garden Update: 17 March 2024

This week we spent Friday and Sunday morning in the garden. On the south side, and along the far edge, I planted onion and garlic sets. Today I cast onion seed on the entire parcel as a way of using those seeds up, and filled our containers with a mixture of arugula, lettuce, and mixed herbs. I also made a bed of carrots, and I set up some supports for the area where I decided I would probably plant our white beans when the time comes.

Too Big to Perceive Problems

There’s an issue at the intersections of empiricism, the philosophy of technology, and sociology that has been on my mind having recently read Propaganda and only becomes more urgent as the Israel-Hamas War and subsequent competing propaganda campaigns continue to unfold. It provides space for contemporary propaganda to operate, from mainstream climate denialism to fringe Flat Earth theory. And it is simply that many problems occupying the minds of people in technological societies are too big to be perceived.

Changelog 2023-04-15

Two months into paternity leave I got a cryptic email from my manager saying we had to have a phone call the following Friday morning. Because several people I know had been layed off that very same week I was sure I was about to receive similar news. But I was only half correct; everyone but me on my team was being laid off effective immediately. I’ve just finished my first full week back at work and would like to announce that I am aggressively seeking new opportunities 😬

Community Garden Update: 28 March 2023

These posts are going to be equal parts transparency and convenience for me. Transparency because I give an air of gardening skill and knowledge without providing any evidence that anything I do works, convenience because plaintext is just the fastest way for me to document things. Last year we did okay on our communtiy garden parcel. If I recall correctly we took in one harvest of radishes and carrots. Our co-planting of corn, beans, and squash didn’t work out except that our squash did beautifully.

A Brief Reflection on Masculinity Over Morning Coffee

My grandfather liked Louis L’Amour novels and John Wayne movies. He had a romantic image of the American frontier, and I remember him having a specific fixation on strong cowboy camp coffee. He was certain that these men boiled their coffee into a black tar that they then drank, and would conjure this image almost every time he was served a cup of coffee he deemed too weak. I thought about this, stood over my French press, of a mind that this might be as close to that cowboy coffee as I’d be willing to get.

Good Cyberpunk

Previously on snowcrash dot fun, I outlined something obvious: a good cyberpunk video game is one that is an example of both a good video game and a good work of cyberpunk fiction. Time to follow up.